Fund Efforts to Find The Missing in Action

Just a couple of weeks ago, one story followed by many was the return by North Korea of 55 cases purportedly containing the remains of U.S. servicemen killed during the Korean War. About 8,000 Americans remain listed as missing in action from that conflict.

But nearly 79,000 are on the MIA list from World War II.

Occasionally, we publish stories about discoveries of the remains of Americans killed during that worldwide conflagration. Another one was reported this week.

It involved Dominic Ragucci, a Marine killed during the battle of Tarawa.

For many years, Ragucci’s family was told his body had been washed out to sea. It had not. It was among bodies buried in makeshift graves on the Pacific atoll.

Ragucci’s remains were found in part because of the efforts of a nonprofit group, History Flight Inc., formed to help find the missing and bring them home. Many sets of remains were found. About one person a day from World War II is identified and returned to family by the Defense Department.

Efforts such as that by History Flight should be funded by the government and not have to rely on private donors. Congress should see to that. It is the very least our nation can do.


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