Monument Back Where It Belongs

For many years, a beautiful monument honoring Ohio Valley men who served as soldiers and sailors in the Civil War stood in downtown Wheeling. It was a reminder of our heritage and of the terrible price we as a nation paid to end slavery and preserve the Union.

Sometime around 1958, the monument was moved to Wheeling Park. Though the surroundings there are peaceful and attractive, the monument was viewed by comparatively few people.

A few years ago, a group of people decided the monument ought to come home to downtown Wheeling. Last week, reassembly of the 22 individual pieces of granite was completed at a site adjacent to West Virginia Independence Hall.

It was not an easy project to complete. Those involved had to raise a substantial sum of money ($135,000 at last count). Then they had to make detailed, difficult arrangements for the move.

It was worth the effort. The monument’s new location is appropriate in several ways.

All involved in making the move happen are to be commended.


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