Promoting State However Possible

A new online video game, “Fallout 76,” is set in West Virginia, as we reported Sunday.

That is wonderful news for our state.

Video games, especially the post-apocalyptic sort, are not everyone’s cup of tea. This one, with survivors of a nuclear war battling ghouls, mutants, etc., in our beautiful hills and mountains, may be a definite turn-off for some people.

But realistic video gaming is big among the younger crowd (and some older enthusiasts). “Fallout 76” may appeal to the very sort of people we want to attract to our state as visitors and, perhaps, residents.

So, state tourism and economic development officials should use “Fallout 76” as a tool. The game may give people a taste of our state, and that is something for which we strive.

So by all means, milk the game for all it’s worth.


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