Give Yourself A Pat on Back

Politicians love to brag about how much they have done to improve our local, state and national economies. They know the truth, however: Government’s role — a substantial one, to be sure — is limited to two behaviors:

Our city councils, state legislatures and Congress can keep our taxes as low as possible — or they can add to our burdens. And government can keep the regulatory burden as minimal as practical — or it can bog us down with red tape and unnecessary mandates.

Today is Labor Day, set aside to recognize the engine that keeps the economy humming — American men, women and often, teenagers who go to work every day, producing the food we eat, the cars we drive, the electricity upon which we rely and everything else upon which we depend, 24/7.

They are the truck drivers who sometimes spend weeks on the road, away from home and loved ones, ensuring our store shelves are stocked.

They are the teachers who dedicate their lives to making those of our children and grandchildren better.

They are the factory workers who focus day in and day out on making the best razor blades, hammers, computers, lawn mowers, kitchen appliances and ten thousand other products.

They are the men and women who work hard in blistering heat some of the time and in frigid cold part of the year to keep roads passable and water flowing from our taps.

They are men and women who strap on pistols when they go to work to protect and serve us, while their families pray they will come home safe.

They are health care professionals who often work under the pressure of making life-and-death decisions.

And yes, they are the teenagers who serve us our hamburgers so they can save money for college.

They are these and our fellow Americans working in a thousand other jobs not just to make ends meet, but to achieve the true American dream — better lives for their children.

Each and every day, including holidays, for many of them, they make our economy work.

Today, then, let us pause to reflect on the real greatness of America: those who provide the labor that is the foundation of any economy.

For those who have the day off, it will be back to the job tomorrow. But for today, enjoy the break — and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back.

You earned it.


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