Keep School Buses Safe

No doubt some local residents thanked the Lord Monday morning that an accident involving an Ohio County school bus was not more serious than was the case. It should not have occurred in the first place.

At about 8 a.m., the bus and a gas industry truck collided on W.Va. 88 near West Liberty. There were no children on the bus, and the driver was not injured.

But what was a gas industry truck doing out on the road at the same time school buses were making their runs?

Just a few years ago, some energy companies with operations in our area made a point to keep big trucks off local roads during the morning and afternoon periods when buses are taking children to and from school. Obviously, that common-sense precaution has been abandoned by at least some companies.

It needs to be reinstated by every company, immediately. If drillers, pipeliners and gas processing companies are in too much of a hurry to reschedule trips in order to protect our children, they need to slow everything down.

Do it. Now.


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