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News-Register’s Focus Is Service

Concerns about accuracy and political favoritism in the news media are on the minds of many Americans these days. This weekend, as we at the News-Register celebrate our 128th birthday, our policy and record in that regard are a source of satisfaction for us — and, they should be for you, too.

Our first edition was on Sept. 22, 1890, and since then, we have held firm to the philosophy of journalism practiced by our founder, H.C. Ogden.

He believed the newspaper owes allegiance only to our readers and the public in general. In our everyday practice of journalism, that means two things.

First, it means coverage of our communities and states comes first for us. Now, as then, there were multiple sources of national and international news.

No one offers the depth and variety of local news that we do, however. No one matches the resources we devote to covering Northern Panhandle and East Ohio communities. In addition to that, we keep our eyes on what is happening in Charleston and Columbus — and, when events in Washington are of special interest to our readers, we emphasize them, too.

For more than a century and a quarter, we and our predecessors have recognized that accuracy is a paramount consideration. We strive for it in everything we do. When we make mistakes, we let readers know and set the record straight.

We do not slant our reports to favor anyone. We let the chips fall where they may.

Ogden recognized that a key newspaper responsibility is leadership through our editorial pages. There, too, we focus on local and state matters.

When someone deserves praise, we are delighted to provide it. When we think public officials ought to be questioned, we do that, too.

Our responsibility is to our communities and states, to what is good for them. We are obliged to no individual, organization, political party or ideology.

One reason for our devotion to local news and our determination to do what is right for our readers is that we live here, too. These are our towns and our states. We want only the best for them.

If we have a bias, that is it.

This weekend, then, we celebrate both our heritage and our determination to continue building on it.

That is worth celebrating. We invite you to join us, then, in wishing the News-Register a happy birthday.


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