Pursuing Proposal For Basketball Court

Off and on — but mostly off — Moundsville officials have been thinking for more than 25 years about what to do with a small piece of city-owned property at Ruby and Garfield streets. Now, city council members are discussing construction of a basketball court at the site.

As we explained in a story Wednesday, the land was given to the city at least a quarter-century ago by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. One stipulation of the gift was that the property be used for recreation.

During a meeting this week, Councilwoman Ginger DeWitt said use of the site was discussed many years ago, “but for whatever reason, it did not come to fruition.”

DeWitt said she has noticed youngsters playing basketball in the street in that area. It would be safer for them if they had an off-street court, she noted.

Council members have agreed to have the property surveyed, as a first step in developing it. Here’s hoping they can proceed with a basketball court or some other appealing recreational facility.

If it can be established at reasonable cost — and without adding much to ongoing maintenance costs for city properties — the basketball court would be a worthwhile addition to Moundsville’s recreational facilities.


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