Put Brakes On Traffic Cameras

One tool Bellaire police officers use to apprehend motorists breaking the law is special traffic cameras provided by a company called BlueLine Solutions. Village council members are being asked whether the practice should continue.

Police Chief Richard “Dick” Flanagan told council members last week there are current and potential problems with use of the cameras — which are handheld, rather than the stationary equipment used in some towns.

A bill before the Ohio General Assembly would, if enacted, penalize municipalities financially for using the cameras. Another state restriction prohibits Bellaire officers from using the cameras on Ohio 7.

Noting only half his officers have been trained in how to use the cameras, Flanagan said he is postponing training for the others until council decides whether to continue using the devices.

Unless Flanagan thinks the cameras are adding substantially to safety in Bellaire, council should consider dispensing with them rather than running afoul of current and state limits on their use.


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