Leaving to Serve Us During the Holidays

As we in the Ohio Valley settle into the Christmas season, some of our neighbors, friends and co-workers have turned their backs on it, in many ways. The journey they began Saturday will take them to a place and among people who are about as far from the Christmas spirit as it is possible to get.

They are the more than 100 members of the 305th Military Police Company of the Army Reserve. Based in Wheeling, they departed for a long tour of duty on Saturday.

Their destination is Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — the U.S. base where a detention center houses some of the most vicious Islamic terrorists on the planet. They can expect none of the inmates to wish them a merry Christmas.

During a time of the year when we revel in closeness to families and friends, members of the 305th will be far from their homes. Certainly, the military will do all it can to make the holidays pleasant for them. At a distance, their families will do what they can, too.

But the bottom line is that they will not be home for Christmas.

Men and women of the 305th — and their families — and making enormous sacrifices for us. If it is better to give than to receive at Christmas, they will be well-off indeed.

On several occasions throughout the year, we in the Northern Panhandle and East Ohio pause to honor and thank those who serve us in the military. The 305th’s departure is a reminder we have much for which to be grateful to them.


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