An Investment In Saving Lives

Benwood City Council members may well have grimaced when they heard the price tag for repairs and upgrades to the municipal swimming pool complex: $1,645,417. That is a lot of money for a town of only about 1,300 residents.

And having to keep the pool closed this summer, while the project is completed, did not make the decision to proceed any easier to swallow.

But once the work has been completed, residents of Benwood and surrounding communities will have an inviting, safe place to swim for many years in the future — and that is no small consideration.

As we reported this week, officials had hoped to have repairs and improvements made in time to open the pool this Memorial Day. Unfortunately, problems with wiring and plumbing were worse than anticipated, lengthening the time frame for the project.

Benwood’s pool was constructed in 1973. The facility has done well during its nearly 46-year history, but time has taken its toll.

During that nearly half a century, those in the Benwood area have had a safe, clean-water facility to enjoy — instead of resorting to swimming in the river or local creeks and ponds. Beyond any doubt, that has saved lives.

Benwood officials understand the pool is not a luxury. It is an investment in saving lives. As such, renovating the facility is money well spent.


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