Help Beautification Project in Belmont

Mere spring cleaning isn’t enough, two residents of Belmont have decided. They want to make the four main highway entrances to the village more attractive.

Camie Luginski and Sarah Scott took their idea to Belmont Village Council last week. It sounds like a classic “beautification” project.

Luginski and Scott hope to obtain a $700 grant for the project from the local Soil and Water Conservation District. Their plan is to landscape areas around the entrances, using plants and trees that require minimal maintenance.

Council members were impressed enough to tell Scott and Luginski they will match the $700 grant — and to seek discounts on some of the plants needed, or outright donations.

What a great idea!

Luginski and Scott are to be commended for putting their own time and effort into making Belmont more attractive. More to the point, they deserve support from businesses that can help. Finally, it is to be hoped some village residents will chip in, too, perhaps by sponsoring tree plantings, as suggested by council President Shawn Bruce.


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