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No doubt Gov. Jim Justice has been informed that Marshall County commissioners declared a state of emergency because of the deplorable, sometimes frightening, condition of some roads in the county.

But does Justice know how bad the roads are? Does he truly understand the frustration of many Marshall County residents? Perhaps not.

Delegate Joe Canestraro is giving constituents an opportunity to ensure the governor gets the message.

On Monday, Canestraro, D-Marshall, kicked off a campaign to get state officials’ attention. He made his announcement at the county courthouse in Moundsville.

Canestraro told those present he had hand-delivered invitations to Justice and Transportation Secretary Byrd White to join him in taking a ride on Marshall County roads. Neither showed up for the tour. “He won’t travel up to Marshall County to see just how bad our roads really are,” the lawmaker commented.

There is a way to show the governor the severity of the problem. Canestraro is launching a digital offensive on behalf of local residents who have to use Marshall County roads — and, not incidentally, put their children on school buses traveling them.

Visit the delegate’s website — — if you are interested. On the right-hand side of the blue bar at the top, you will see the words “Fix Our Roads.” Click on that and you will go to a form on which you can write your own message about roads, or simply sign prepared text on the subject. Hit “Submit” at the bottom and your complaint will be sent to the governor. There is an “insert link” function you can use to send pictures, if you choose.

How many people will ensist in Canestraro’s offensive? That is difficult to say. But understand this: Participating will make a difference.

Politicians pay very close attention to how well voters think they are doing their jobs. Enough digital complaints could just prompt Justice to instruct the Division of Highways to get moving on road repairs in Marshall County.

It’s worth a try.


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