Wakim Draws Criticism

Editor, News-Register:

With the election season fast approaching, I couldn’t help but notice Chris Wakim’s misguided and pugnacious diatribe in the newspaper on Nov. 19. He clumsily recites the same overworked litanies of the Bush/Cheney junta. One would think that he might have softened his rhetoric after the many disclosures of the strategic lies which led to the Iraq war, as well as his trouncing at the hand of the venerable Alan Mollohan in 2006.

Apparently Mr. Wakim assumes that the people of West Virginia have short memories. He also apparently forgets that the same turgid allegations of his allegedly incomplete military education and service will once again be laid bare. He also assumes that the people would even want a more dictatorial version of “Mini-Bush” to exercise fanatical conservative restraints on our freedoms, in the name of the almighty dollar. Most certainly he would work to repeal the much needed and successful smoking bans in our fair state.

I find it particularly odd that a good Republican like Mr. Wakim would favor the rights of the 27 percent minority of smokers over the rights of the 73 percent majority of non-smokers who simply want to taste their meals without the health risk and stench of tobacco. I also have to sneer because Republicans have always sought to quell the rights of any minority in favor of the majority. Why is this not so with tobacco? The eateries and pubs that Mr. Wakim owns, or is affiliated with, are the reasons! It’s funny how Mr. Wakim’s political dogmas are so easily convoluted when his bottom line is taken into account.

I have to ask if we really want another Bush/Cheney style legislator to darken our fair state. The type of free-wheeling business model that Mr. Wakim and those of his ilk espouse is one where the next chemical plant could be in your backyard whether you like it or not. That is, unless your property has already been seized as part of an imminent domain land grab to improve a “blighted” area!

Doug Blanco