Smokers Selfish

Editor, News-Register:

This is in response to Brian Deuel’s letter to the editor regarding the smoking ban, and the subsequent rude remarks made about his letter that are posted on this newspaper’s Web site.

I’m stunned by the narrow-minded, selfish attitude of some of the smokers in this area. One person cites the smoking ban as a slight to the “working man.” How “working” and “smoking” coincide is beyond me.

This person also co-relates the West Virginia “open for business” slogan with the smoking ban. He is of the mindset that we are hurting economically, because he and his cronies can no longer sit in bars and smoke. So let me get this straight: You, sir, are working so that you can continue to pollute my lungs, and the lungs of my children with your second-hand smoke? I’m a lifelong non-smoker, and you are violating my right to good health!

Apparently the non-smokers in this area are NOT the minority. SOMEBODY voted for the smoking ban and won. We non-smokers are tired of the whining of the smokers who insist that business is being hurt by the smoking ban. If this is so, how is it that you can still afford to pay for your cigarettes, and why is it you don’t complain about that — the incredibly high price of cigarettes, that somehow you can continue to buy?

The comment that non-smokers are “cheapskates” isn’t worthy of a response. But consider this: Smoking is a filthy, disgusting, expensive habit that unfortunately makes people other than just the smoker sick. THAT’S why there is a ban on smoking, not some scheme of the government to “sell smoking permits!”

Karen Schlosser Corona