Blame State Government

Editor News-Register:

The decision by the West Virginia Division of Highways to proceed with what the DOH refers to as the “rehabilitation” of the Wheeling Tunnels is just another example of the incremental approach to problems of humongous portions to which the government of West Virginia applies a band-aid.

What was not revealed in this decision and announcement is how much is this continued rehabilitation going to cost, what was the settlement on the already spent $5.8 million, what are the plans for the westbound tunnel, and what are the plans for the facade of the tunnel?

We, the public, have a tendency to lay the responsibility for this engineering disaster at the feet of the various contractors, however, it must be remembered that these contractors are working to the specifications of the WVDOH, and therein lays the responsibility, right up to the governor’s office.

What this administration and the DOH is doing, they hope, is pushing the pending disaster forward, so that when it occurs they will be long gone and free and clear of any repercussions. This is the standard operating procedure for the governments of West Virginia, past and present, and one can only wonder when the citizens of this state are gong to start making some changes.

William H. Hefner