Address Our Problems

Editor, News Register:

The election is near! The most important decision the nation will make since the 1930s. Please think with your head, not with your emotions! We must listen to the viewpoints and go with the best person that can run this country.

The country is in a shambles, our economy is critically ill, our viewpoints by foreign countries are not of a strong leader, but a weak nation of greed, corruption, fraudulent voting, health care run amok, utilities we cannot afford, insurance we cannot afford, food prices out of sight, loss of jobs, outsourcing to foreign countries, CEOs worth millions of dollars for keeping their budgets under control by laying off good workers, etc.

Please, let’s put our country first! Please, let’s cut taxes. Let’s take Wall Street to task and punish the Wall Street CEOs that have bottomed us out!

There will be a civil war in this country if things do not straighten out. The middle class of Americans is no more, we cannot bear that burden of the high cost of food, utilities, health care, insurance and then our wonderful American solid jobs are gone. It’s time to bring jobs back, economize this country and develop leadership skills to help build confidence with our foreign partners! All of us in this country should take courses in finance as a requirement of life to help us budget properly. When we apply for loans, credit, etc., we must learn fiscal responsibility! Put experience first in the White House.

Kathy Dearth