Vote No on Ohio Issue 3

Vote! It is the most important right in a free society. But, be sure what you cast your ballot for is what you want. Issue No. 3 in Ohio authorizes gaming in a state where the electorate has turned it down at least three times already. Supports of legalized gaming have attempted to pass this issue in Ohio as a law and once as a constitutional amendment.

I voted for the gaming issue when it was on the ballot as a constitutional amendment because, as a constitutional amendment, it severely restricts our politicians’ ability to change or modify the voters wishes. If, as an amendment to our state constitution, we permit gaming in specific locations, the legislators cannot expand those locations without the people’s approval.

Already, our legislators have approved Keno games without voter approval. It was predicted this would eliminate the need for “casino type gaming” in Ohio. If we pass gaming as a measure to provide funding for schools and elderly, what happened to the lottery money that was supposed to go to those programs when the lottery was instituted?

There has been a rumor that one of our local malls might be shuttered and replaced with a casino. Could this also happen to a closed car dealership, an abandoned church, or, like some of our nearby communities across the river, will there be slot machines in every bar and restaurant? I am not opposed to gambling and in accordance with honesty, I work within the industry.

Ohio needs the jobs which will be created, albeit most will be minimum wage plus gratuities opportunities, temporary construction jobs, or positions filled from outside the state by people who will become new residents. These employees will pay taxes and purchase goods and tax revenue will increase in our state coffers. Still, I cannot and will not support Issue No. 3 as it is written. I just do not want to have “video parlors” or “cafes” on every corner in our communities.

Please consider these thoughts before you cast your ballot on Nov. 3.

Chip Antonacci