Put adults in charge of WVU sports

Let me first say I am not a football fan of any school, but I am a fan of basketball. After all the hoopla about the WVU Football change via Mr. Luck (who I agree with the person who wrote “WVU Needs To Learn Winning Isn’t Everything”) has no track record, replacing Mr. Stewart with a fellow who has never coached a college football team. We now have two people with no track record.

How are we going to have a winning team with two inexperienced people? Well, only time will tell. Miracles happen everyday.

I cannot believe that the university did not have an adult present who felt that the announcement to replace Mr. Stewart should be made after the bowl game.

I feel so sorry for the players who were freshmen during the coach Rodriguez switch, who have experienced not one but two bowl games in a state of flux. Could this have affected their overall careers in football? Did it affect how they played in the bowl games? Who knows, but the university obviously didn’t care.

This does not even take into account the players who signed on prior to coach Rodriguez leaving and coach Stewart being named. They could have been affected by at least one bowl game with these changes. Not to mention the fact that they felt they were signing on to be coached by Rodriguez not Stewart (maybe this would have affected their choice in schools).

University, perhaps in the future you can act in a more moral, ethical, caring way and time your announcements and changes in an adult manner.

Perhaps, instead of your own egos and agendas, you could put the players first and not yourselves! Every action in life affects others, perhaps for a lifetime.

Mary E. Yarnevic