Lack of action shameful

The legislative session ended last Saturday with no Marcellus regulation. For months, thousands of our citizens pleaded with legislators and the governor for help. It is no exaggeration to say that many of us felt desperate – we’ve seen, or even lived with, the out-of-control runaway train that the gas rush has become – and now it is only likely to get worse.

We begged – we pleaded – in person, with e-mails and phone calls. Please, could we just have some basic protections for our precious water, and our land, and our communities?

The answers we heard from our “leaders” in the Capitol and governor’s mansion were:

  • No.
  • You don’t count.
  • You don’t matter.
  • Shut up and go away.
  • Oh, and get out of my way so we can pass a sweetheart bill forcing taxpayers to subsidize this fabulously wealthy industry!

For shame! This outcome is nothing less than a hard, loud slap in the face to every West Virginia citizen.

Jim Sconyers

Terra Alta, W.Va.