New sidewalk looks great

What a difference a year makes.

The weather is beginning to catch up with the spring season that’s already here. If you’re thinking about dusting off those walking shoes I have a good starting point for you. The cracks and craters that riddled our block’s sidewalk is history and you no longer have to worry about taking a fall or twisting an ankle on your way to church or theater.

In case you haven’t noticed we have completely new sidewalks from Saint Alphonse’s Church in Centre Market to the alley around the corner on 22nd street.

With the new sidewalks came curbs that were practically nonexistent in the past and every single business is now handicap accessible.

I’d like to thank all who had a hand in making this long overdue project a reality. I am a business owner who had just one single step to negotiate. That doesn’t sound like anything to whine about except that the step was 13 inches high – nearly twice today’s building code – and to many of our guests it might as well have been Mt. Everest.

I’m thanked daily for this tremendous improvement to our neighborhood. Daily, I let them know who really deserves the credit. It’s a beautiful sight. Thank you again. I am only sorry Rosemary Front isn’t with us to enjoy it.

Susan Haddad