W.Va. legislators need to tighten their belts, too

Wisconsin = West Virginia

Are we on the road to the same budget problems as Wisconsin. It seems our Democrat legislature couldn’t find money to rescind all of the food tax, yet they manage to find money for pay raises for all the teachers and elected people such as magistrates ($7,000).

Why can’t they tighten their belts like most other working people have too? Most of us haven’t had any raises either, in fact my check has gone down 2 years in a row due to insurance costs.

When will the voters wake up and quit voting the same clowns in all the time? Let’s hope this acting governor has enough guts to veto the bill, although I’d be afraid to hold my breath.

We would all like to have more, but in these times somebody has to take a stand against more spending.

Donald R. Britt