District of Columbia chiefs did right by constituents

I thought your editorial “Washington, D.C., Waste Is Gigantic” misrepresented the situation on why D.C. elected officials choose to protest.

You failed to mention that D.C.’s own money is being regulated. You just said, “They said they were protesting cuts in federal taxpayers’ support of city government.”

The fact is D.C. municipal taxpayer money would be regulated by the federal government. The compromise clearly states D.C. cannot use it’s own money for abortions.

The federal government regulating how someone can spend their own money is wrong and overstepping. I am sure if the federal government decided to try and regulate how Wheeling spends its own money it gets from municipal taxes, this paper would be outraged and rightfully so.

The District of Columbia does not have elected representation in Congress, so they do not have a senator or congressman to appeal to. The elected officials of D.C. took what action they could to represent the people who elected them.

Justin A. Hull