Don’t let them be victims

How many times have we seen that sign in a yard or ad in the paper?

We recently learned of a heinous crime in Hancock County. Twenty-nine dogs – many just puppies – were tortured and maimed. Many of these victims were delivered to the man responsible for these acts, after he responded to a “free to good home” advertisement. He actually obtained puppies twice from the same woman.

In my opinion, “free to good home” actually means “free to whomever will take them off my hands.” Well, these poor little guys paid the price for that attitude. Here’s a suggestion: Get your animals spayed and neutered. Don’t expect others to help you out with unwanted litters. Be a responsible pet owner. Actually, in my county (Brooke) and some others, it is against the law to leave your dog out where it can be caught during its heat.

If you cannot afford the spay or neuter, then don’t have the pet!

Esther Snyder