Give Bellaire schools a chance to be the best

As a ’08 graduate of Bellaire High School, I would like to invite the village to truly consider the vote on the 1 percent income levy this Wednesday.

Looking back on my twelve-plus years at Bellaire – first from all of the great teachers and staff, to my time on the swim team and marching with the band, to even five hot summers of groundskeeping maintenance as a first job,- I have seen many proficient layers of this district. I feel nothing but pride and honest achievement today from the effort in all of those experiences. It continues as I see my past teachers, attend plays and concerts in our beautiful auditorium, and visit Nelson Field.

With this issue coming up on the ballot, I feel this will really try the people of Bellaire. Debt – present here locally, to the state level, and even to the national level – can blind us with incomprehensible figures. But right here in our valley, I feel Bellaire’s spirit has a rare chance to own up to the challenge and become a role model for other valley districts. Everyone seems to want more and more, but this is money staying right in Bellaire. I feel this effort is commendable and will help pull this pendulum back towards the better side; it is a difference to be felt right here in our community.

Looking back, I can recall significant moments. We had the 100th football game with Martins Ferry, and are still counting. The Alumni Association has had proud work in the schools and for graduates. I’ve even had a chance to climb the inside of our clock tower atop Bellaire’s High School, having signatures and dates a century old. Will we wait until the village decides that it’s do or die time? Will the district’s tradition even be recognizable by then?

When the dust settles with whatever result, I hope our school district’s leaders, those with desks and those at home, keep looking for healthy ideas. If you are a product of Bellaire Local schools, wanting the same opportunity for later generations, please find your way to take responsibility of issues that may not even be yours, all with pride.

Forrest Merryman