Guns put into perspective

Let’s put this gun thing into perspective.

The world is what the world is – very little will change that. If you are of the anti-gun ideal, think about this: Your daughter or other loved one is home alone and two thugs break into your home intent on all sorts of evil.

There is a handgun that your loved one can use to save their life, but you – being as anti-gun as you are – you say you would not want them to use the weapon. Wow, that’s devotion to your ideals!

On the other hand, that you would want them to use it and survive makes you a hypocrite, then. Doesn’t it?

Think about this and be honest in your response: We see things like this in the news all the time. … why don’t you just put a “gun free home enter at will” sign on your lawn.

Ron Gibbons