School employees set poor example at event

I attended the Celebration of the Arts on April 13, 2011 at Wheeling Park High School in the food court. I have a daughter in the fifth grade. She was there with many other fifth-graders from across Ohio County and they were there to sing. I first would like to commend all of the music teachers for their efforts. I would also like to thank the kids for the great job they did.

Now here is where I had a problem. I was sitting toward the rear of the food court. There were many people, standing behind me. Some of them I did not know, others were Ohio County School employees – including teachers, principals and other higher-ups. I will leave it at that. I could name them, but what’s the point.

During the kids’ program, it was difficult to hear them from all the talking from the people in the back. How disrespectful can you get? All of the hard work put in by our kids and the music teachers and you stand back there and gab up a storm. You think you would want to set an example for the students on how to conduct themselves.

I know there are many young people out there that don’t fall in this category, though now I can see where some of our young people get their attitudes, their back-talk and the disrespect of authority. Right from the people we intrust to teach them! I do not think I was the only person there that felt this way. I hope and pray something changes because we as a society are going down the wrong path.

It was a disappointing day, to say the least!

Kurt Speaker