Theft is a violation

The other evening, while listening to the mayor speak at Trinity Lutheran Church in South Wheeling, my purse was stolen from the trunk of my car, probably due to haste in not locking it properly. I wish thieves could employ a code whereby they take the money, which generally seems to be what they are after, and leave the purse where hopefully some honest people can return it to the proper authorities.

Losing the money is bad enough, but it’s all the other “stuff” that causes the suffering and upset. There are cards to be canceled, visits to the police station and bank, plus Social Security, car license and registration rigmarole to go through. And there are the tangibles lost: Pictures, notes of information and favorite items. Life is haywire for a few days but one learns, reorganizes and goes on. And what of the thieves, who have violated one of the basic tenets of society, thou shalt not steal. Life’s lessons can be hard (this was a first), but I fear for the person or persons who would cause this upset to another human being, perhaps without thought or care.

Margaret Brennan