Trump for president could be the wake-up call Washington needs

Trump for president?

Good or bad, I don’t know, but it could be interesting.

He would not be afraid to ask the tough questions that reporters seem to be afraid to ask. A debate between him and Obama and a few others such as Palin could be real interesting. While he could just be blowing his own horn, he might be what’s needed to shake things up a bit.

The Republicans seem to be afraid to open their mouths and I heard that they already promised Obama that they would raise the debt limit. Not a nickel’s difference between the Democrats and Republicans – all this talk of reducing debt, but never do you hear about cutting farm aid of which most goes to big conglomerates and even some in congress. Nor do they ever talk of cutting subsidies to big oil and gas along with numerous subsidies to corporations and business.

As for the citizens who are willing to pay more tax to reduce debt, open your eyes. If you give those jellyfish in Washington more money, they’ll just waste it. They’ll never use it to pay down debt. The more they get the more they spend – or should I say waste.

I’m afraid the country will have a monetary devaluation before those jellyfish in Washington wake up.

Donald R, Britt