Call Boehner out on Farm Subsidy Bill

Tea Party members, rise up in fury.

You have been betrayed, and I know you will look into, investigate, protest, march, rally and speak out against what should be regarded as the act of a group of scoundrels.

Prior to becoming embroiled the budget debate, the Speaker of the House Boehner passed the Farm Subsidy Bill. He said it was a national security measure to give our tax dollars to corn growers to ensure ethanol production. I guess what it amounts to is we can afford to pay large corporations to turn corn into a gasoline additive, but we cannot afford to subsidize the poor and/or old so they can buy a can of corn to eat.

Five of the Tea Party candidates elected to congress received farm subsidies.

Gasoline in New Martinsville this was $3.95 per gallon. Each gallon contains not more than 10 percent ethanol. When you fill up at the pump, and those numbers roll around to say $50, smile and say there is 10 percent or $5 for ethanol growers and call Mr. Boehner and say thanks.

I think he should have been a dairy farmer because he has discovered a way to get milk from both ends of the cow, going in and coming out.

Yes, we need to balance the federal budget, but the Speaker and his five fellow congressmen (or women) should at least give an appearance of fairness.

I am just a dumb old retired ironworker, but even I can spell hypocrisy.

Danny Mahurin

New Martinsville