Controlling Our Money

Editor, News-Regisrter:

In just a few short months in office, Delegate Erikka Storch has exposed the “Unclassified Fund.” Where have our representatives been while this dubious, and possibly illegal, practice has been taking place for the last 30 years? A $3.2 billion slush fund is a lot of money to have the power to move at will with very little oversight. No wonder there is no problem paying every senator and delegate above and beyond their normal salary for special sessions, trips, and who knows what else.

And to think they voted to raise the price on everyone buying licenses to increase the road fund. To find out Gov. Arch Moore wanted more unclassified funds doesn’t surprise me, but after the way he left office, I would think a red flag would appear and this practice stop, not grow to such sleazy proportions. This is a scheme worthy only of Bernie Madoff.

Thank you, Delegate Storch, for bringing this diabolical practice to light, but I would watch my back dealing with proponents of such a plan in the future. Run for governor and start eliminating the Madoff mentality from our state government.

John Clarke