Just Move One County

Editor, News-Register:

This is an open letter recently sent to state Sen. Orphy Klempa:

This email is sent to you for the purpose of putting into writing a concern expressed at the recent redistricting meeting held in Wheeling.

Many citizens in Ohio County are concerned with the W.Va. State Senate’s role in the redistricting process. We are concerned this process will be used by state senators to advance the agenda of the Democratic Party, and not what is best for the citizens of our state.

I received a redistricting proposal map from Jo Vaughn. This proposal was submitted by Sen. Brooks McCabe, Kanawha County, Dist. 17. This proposal moves nine counties out of District One, (Marion, Doddridge, Harrison, Taylor, Preston, Barbour, Tucker, Grant, and Mineral). This same proposal moves a different 10 counties into District One ( Lewis, Wirt, Calhoun, Gilmer, Jackson, Roane, Clay, Mason, Cabell and Wayne). Do I need to list the counties this proposal wants to move in districts two and three? This appears to be an attempt to advance a Democratic agenda to me.

It is my understanding that Congressional District One needs no correction, according to the 2010 census. Districts two and three need very little correction. Moving only one county (Mason) would balance the population equally between the three congressional districts.

As our state senator from Ohio County, I would like to encourage you to do the right thing for West Virginia and propose a redistricting map that would move only one county (Mason), from District Two into District Three, balancing the congressional districts for the entire state!

Jamie Carmosino