McKinley betrays conservative values

Congressman David McKinley is a traitor to conservatism.

McKinley voted against the Paul Ryan budget that would save Medicare and Medicaid. Let me be clear: Paul Ryan’s budget does not affect anyone presently on Medicare or Medicaid.

The plan doesn’t cut funding to seniors nor throws them out to the free market. The plan puts a cap on the funding to states for Medicare ending the open-ended funding of the program with the trade off that governors would give governors more flexibility.

If Congressman McKinley would read the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projections, he would know that the main drivers of our $14 trillion dollar debt are the entitlement programs.

Congressman McKinley states, “My votes to cut $100 billion in spending this year alone serve as a demonstration of my commitment to fiscal responsibility.”

What McKinley didn’t tell his constituents is those cuts only represent 15 percent of the overall budget. Moreover, the Congressional Budget Office declared the actual cuts passed were only around $350 million.

I am tired of politicians like the Congressman who say we basically cut a bridge to nowhere and saved the nation.

Anyone that states we can save our nation without dealing with entitlements is either lying or delusional.

Jared Fontaine