There’s a reason for voter apathy

You have missed the point in your editorial of MonMay 9 titled “Cast Your Ballot In W.Va. Primary.” West Virginia voters are fed up with our greedy politicians in Charleston. First of all, our state has procedures in place to handle replacing our governor, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Instead, former Gov. Manchin had the state voters spend millions of dollars for a “special election” to replace the late Sen. Byrd when all he had to do was name himself to the position if he wanted it that bad.

Now our politicians have decided they can’t wait another short period of time before the next general election. Instead, they are spending substantial amounts of money to hold another “special election” for governor which only lasts approximately a year, then we go through it all over again. Jeff Kessler for one should be embarrassed because, as I recall, he stated early on that he would not run as he wanted to do a good job as speaker first. Then what does he do but throw his hat in the ring with the rest of them to run for governor.

You claim in your article that it is an “important election” and ask why all the “voter apathy.” I feel the press thinks West Virginia voters have no clue what is right and what is wrong. West Virginia voters are some of the more intelligent voters in the nation and are well aware this election is an unnecessary election.

George Turner