Keep Redistricting Plan in Balance

Editor, News-Register:

Most of you know that I am a supporter of West Virginia First Congressional District Congressman David McKinley.

The redistricting process goes beyond my support for Congressman McKinley … what happens when he retires?

If the “new” U.S. congressional redistricting combines our Northern Panhandle with either the Eastern Panhandle or Kanawha County, under the current population and political environment, we may never get another representative from the Northern Panhandle that understands the concerns and needs of the entire current First District. Many of our Northern Panhandle needs are not the same as the Eastern Panhandle or Kanawha County. A new representative based out of the Eastern Panhandle or Kanawha County most likely would forget about the few votes (citizens and our needs) coming from the Northern Panhandle and let it continue to decline.

For more information relating to one pragmatic solution to preserve our current First District map please read Mike Myer’s editorial (link: published in The Intelligencer on May 28, that explains why just flipping Mason County from the Second to Third Congressional District places things in balance … yes, that is one county only!

Bob Miller Jr.