Consider Fort Henry Plan

Editor, News-Register:

I have read recently in several letters support for the idea suggested by Joe Roxby of a reconstruction of Fort Henry in downtown Wheeling. I think this is one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time for Wheeling.

As an Ohioan who was born in and works in Wheeling every day of the week, I have often remarked how sad it is that nothing is in place for Fort Henry besides a few markers. The implications of what happened in and around Fort Henry affected American settlers, the Virginia militia, Native Americans and the British at a crucial time in the early days of our country.

The people and city of Wheeling need to capitalize on the deep history in and around Fort Henry, not simply for the economic benefits that could be a result, but also because it is the right thing to do. Nothing but a positive result could come from people who live, work and visit Wheeling learning more of the history behind this storied town and its beginning as a small settlement and a fort clinging to very survival on the edge of the frontier.

I can think of no better vehicle for this than a reconstructed Fort Henry in the downtown area. I applaud the suggestion and hope city leaders will give it due consideration.

Jamie Price

New Athens