Insist on Rational U.S. Energy Policy

Editor, News-Register:

An open letter to Joe Manchin:

Dear Joe,

I understand that you will not vote for the president’s proposal. Hopefully he will present a written plan that can be scored.

Please work with David McKinley, Shelly Capito and other pro-coal representatives in Ohio and Kentucky to force this administration to allow new coal plants to be built in the Ohio Valley by providing tax incentives and loan guarantees to strengthen our nation’s energy grid.

Please appreciate that the current administration hates the fact that one end of the nation’s energy grid is in West Virginia and is plugged into coal. President Obama is currently working to pull the plug on our state.

Use your advantage of being a swing vote in the Senate to propose a real job program that will benefit the nation’s energy grid and provide real jobs into the future for West Virginians. Demand that we allow and encourage our private utilities to build new coal-fired power plants (like India and China) and refit the current ones scheduled to close, to get your support for any new “jobs bill.”

Recently, southern California went black because of one person’s error. Our fragile energy grid will not support the growth of manufacturing to grow our economy. It is impossible to be a secure nation with an inadequate power supply. Alternative power is inadequate power. Please point out to your fellow senators that the hundreds of millions of dollars just lost by tax payers through loan guarantees to “green” corporations now bankrupted could have been used to have modern coal fired power plants and coal conversion plants up and running today in West Virginia.

Finally, I was truly distraught and embarrassed when I realized that last night before a joint secession of Congress, our president did not mention the 10th anniversary of an attack on our nation, and did not show grief or offer a prayer for the thousands of our fellow citizens who lost their lives in an act of war.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to restore sanity to our nation’s energy policy.

Robert L Levenson Jr.