Maloney Best For Governor

Editor, News-Register:

West Virginia is not a business-friendly state, as evidenced by the departure of our youth to other regions. With the rich oil shale beneath our feet, we should have oil and gas, as well as other related businesses, flocking to our state to enjoy the bonanza. As long as we are a one-party state, business will tend to shun us for more enlightened areas.

The long-serving “public servants” of our state have created a system whereby the non-producers and indigents seem to be the focal point of their legislative efforts. This ensures their continued reelection but leaves the producers to carry the burden imposed by the unfair regulation on our business community.

Entrepreneurship and jobs should trump welfare any day! On Oct.4 it is within our grasp to begin to change this situation. Who better for our governor than a man from the real world of business, not the world of “public service”? It should be remembered that it was his techniques and effort that saved the trapped Chilean miners some time back. A humanitarian act to be sure! Not to mention that his expertise is in the oil and gas shale underlying our state.

He has created other businesses. Some, sad to say, have had to move out of state to escape the unfair regulations created by our enlightened legislators.

After 36 years in public service Earl Ray might try the private sector for a change. As evidenced by Bill Maloney, there are many rewards to be had in the private sector, both financially as well as the good feeling of having created employment for fellow West Virginians! A note of caution, though! In the private sector a business person puts his own money at risk and not the taxpayers’!

Denver McMullen