Try Vegetarian Diet And End the Cruelty

Editor, News-Register:

Vegetarianism prevents the most animal cruelty and suffering; nothing else comes close. Most compassionate people would stop eating meat if they saw the miserable lives that animals raised for food endure in today’s factory farms.

A vegetarian diet is delicious, good for the environment and good for your health. Vegetarians are healthier, slimmer and live years longer than meat eaters. If you like the taste of meat, try some of the vegetarian “meats” available in the freezer section of your local supermarkets.

Become a vegetarian by cutting out meat one or two days a week, then three or four days and so on until you are meat free and no longer take part in the cruelty that is factory farming.

Please visit and watch the “meet your meat” video and visit for more info.

James Reynolds