Tea Party Not Going Away; Obama Should

Editor, News-Register:

This radical self-centered president and his enablers still don’t get it. All you hear from them is, “We need more taxation and jobs,” as day by day the hole they are digging for us keeps getting deeper.

First of all, this recession started not because of the Bush policies as President Obama and his cohorts continually claim, but because of the liberal backdoor social programs of the Democratic Party. The Community Reinvestment Act signed by President Carter started the bubble that pressured home loan institutions into giving loans to people who couldn’t afford them. Anyone with any intelligence and/or common sense knew that a high percentage of these loans would never be paid off. As a result of the Community Reinvestment Act, Wall Street institutions got involved in this reckless scheme as well as Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac … taking on so many of these loans that cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions to shore up.

This wasn’t just bad practice but criminal. Fannie and Freddie should be shut down and get the government out of the home loan business. This wasn’t the only contributing factor that led our country to where we are now, but it was the basic one that started it. The end result of this liberal policy ended up tearing our entire economy to pieces.

As for needing more jobs and tax money, there is no way that the “evil big businesses or rich people” as this administration labels them, are going to spend their money reserves to create more jobs as long as they perceive this regime as a vicious obstacle toward doing business. The basic debt problem our country has isn’t that there isn’t enough taxation, it’s because Congress continually spends too much. You don’t get out of debt by spending more money or demanding more money (taxes) from employers. It’s true that some large corporations get unnecessary tax relief but that should be corrected within a comprehensive overhaul of the tax system, and in the process, do away with a large part of the IRS.

The Republican Party is just as guilty of overspending as the Democrats, with the exception that this radical, inexperienced, ideologue that we have for a president has taken spending to a level that is beyond comprehension. He and his left wing supporters subscribe to the socialist philosophy that the more you spend and the bigger the government, the better off we will be. In effect, the opposite is true.

That this president compares himself to Abraham Lincoln is absurd! With the mindset that President Obama has toward our system of government he wouldn’t be worthy of a pimple on Abraham Lincoln’s face (to put it nicely). An example of negatives of this administration’s spending policies is the stimulus bill that was passed, like so much other spending, that it was an “emergency.” The fact is that a large part of the nearly one trillion dollars that was allotted or rather printed, was sent back to states to shore up jobs, most of them union. Instead of the states cutting back, as the private sector has to do in hard times, they accepted this money and when it quit coming, they were back to square one.

And what do we have to show for it except more interest on the debt it created. President Obama now wants to set up an infrastructure bank to improve highways, bridges, etc. If he had done this with the stimulus money, we would at least have something to show for the money already spent. On average, there are probably better roads in China than what we have in the Ohio Valley! Other than having a “silver tongue,” spending us into a hole we can’t get out of appears to be Mr. Obama’s primary goal.

Bitterness has resulted when the governors of some of these states passed litigation to bring their budgets under control, which is required by law. Unlike the federal government, they don’t have the ability to print money. Just one more example of how this President and his policies are dividing our country.

It appears that this “man-child” that we have for a president is accomplishing what he and his radical supporters set out to do and that is to bring this country into a socialist state and lower us to “where we belong.” If this sounds disrespectful, all I can say is “respect is something you have to earn” and thus far, with very few exceptions, everything this president has done has been negative, unless forced to do otherwise by public pressure (for example, extending the Bush tax cuts and sending the requested reinforcements to Afghanistan).

His policies have set us back at least a generation and our children and grandchildren will be the ones who suffer the most. It’s obvious that President Obama has enjoyed the benefits that this country provides, but because of his twisted outlook, he is trying to destroy it as a free market capitalist system. He exhibits no pride of being an American. The only explanation of how we could be so naive, ignorant, or gullible to elect a man of his twisted values, inexperience and incompetence is that maybe it’s God’s way of waking up the people in this country.

We are not past the point of no return, but we are getting close. We need to have term limits, a balanced budget amendment, a majority in congress, along with a president who believes in and stands up for traditional constitutional values and less government. Even if we elect people who will make the painful decisions to get us back on track, I only hope and pray that the majority (and the so called “Tea Party” people are in the majority because they are by and large conservative, responsible people) will have the backbone to support them. The future of this entire country as we have known it depends on it.

Incidentally, Harry Reid says that the Tea Party will fade away. This is the same as saying that people will change their values. The conservatives in our country outnumber liberals by 2-1, and public opinion polls show that more than 2-1 agrees that this president is taking us down the wrong path. This is just another example of how out of touch these radical liberals are with the real people in this country. Our illustrious Vice President Biden calls the Tea Party people or supporters “terrorists.” We will see after the next presidential election if the Tea Party has “faded away.” I have a feeling that the mainstream news media will turn into a bunch of “chicken littles.”

It’s unbelievable that our country has come to leadership like this and yet the mainstream news media condone it by not berating them for their vicious petty stance. It’s no wonder that their credibility is on the same level as our president and his cohorts. The Tea Party by definition is all about responsible, conservative people who have a conscience when it comes to the welfare of this country and our children and grandchildren’s future.I venture to say that nearly all “Tea Party” supporters pay taxes!

Roy E. Schnegg