Thanks to Supporters Of NAMI Event

Editor, News-Register:

NAMI of Greater Wheeling sponsored the annual rummage and bake sale. A sincere thank you to all the members of NAMI, and friends that volunteered or donated in any way to our sale. We are very impressed that for many years the same people support us, and truly this is indeed what it is all about. Mental Illness is a shattering devastation to families – and the caring and support you give to us means so very much.

The first week of October was Mental Illness Awareness Week and was a national recognition with services and prayer. We would also like to thank St. Michael Parish and all the people who worked to make the candle light vigil such a beautiful ceremony.

This is also a time to realize that one in four are affected with mental illness. We want to erase the stigma. Mental illness needs to be treated like any other illness. Again, thanks for everything you do, and helping to understand this horrible affliction, and assisting us to continue our work to move on until there is a cure.

Sincerely with great appreciation, thank you so much.

Dot McCloskey