Who’s caring for parks?

Am I the only one in the Moundsville area who wonders “what has happened to the Moundsville parks this summer?”

The last couple of years, the riverfront and walking trail areas of Valley Fork were cared for meticulously. This year, every city park is an eyesore. The fields aren’t mowed with any regularity and no trimming. You can’t even tell there’s a creek when walking on the trail. The weeds are higher than your head.

Even though this area is supposed to be a park, some folks sure don’t have a problem driving their vehicles all over the grass area.

I just don’t understand. I know the city just hired a new parks director – and that’s fine. But did the city have to use all the parks budget money to pay his salary? I don’t know. The only time the ballfield areas get attention is to prepare for “The Beast of The East” and the rest of the year its let go.

I just wondered if I was the only one who wondered about this?

Barbara Holeczy