City Not So Friendly Toward Businesses

Editor, News-Register:

City of Wheeling officials may wonder why the city is dying. I can tell them. If you are considering opening or even relocating a business in this city, be prepared to jump through hoops, wade through red tape, comply with ridiculous regulations and on and on.

After being told by one department that our new location was commercial, we moved everything to that address. Then, upon applying for a change of address for our business, we were told it was no longer commercial but residential. Oh, we could have a business there, if we lived at that location. And then we would be alloted 250 square feet for business purposes. The odd thing is, there were other businesses at that location and no one lived there. Wouldn’t you think the city would welcome the income from license fees, B&O taxes, fire service fees, etc?

All I can say is … Welcome to the “Friendly City,” folks!!

Lenora Turbanic