Sherrard School Too Often Forgotten

Editor, News-Register:

In a recent article in the sports section of your newspaper dated Oct.12, in a story titled “Storm Embodies the John Marshall Spirit,” I noticed this line about midway through the story: “After Union and Moundsville consolidated in 1969, Storm regularly attended practice where he listened to Dan Hamill, the school’s first football coach, emphasize that it was “not Union, not Moundsville. It is John Marshall.”

Did you catch the error there? Most won’t. There were three schools that consolidated that year and the third was Sherrard. I can remember well that the sentiment expressed by Dan Hamill held true for my three years there: If you didn’t come from Union or Moundsville, your chances of making the sports teams were slim, unless you had exceptional talent. Sherrard was the forgotten school.

John Marshall’s only football state championship came when the starting running back came from Sherrard. His last name was Snyder.

I was proud to attend Sherrard and proud of the accomplishments our school has made to John Marshall over the years. By the way, the valedictorian the year I graduated was also from Sherrard.

Just a reminder that it took all three school groups to make John Marshall what is was and is today, even though Union is part of Moundsville and Sherrard today.

Ronald D. Fox