Hoping for Change In Presidential Election

Editor, News-Register:

Forrest Gump’s mother said that “stupid is as stupid does.” The presidential election in 2008 gives new meaning to this lady’s astute observation.

Notice that she uses the word stupid, as opposed to ignorant. For good reason. Ignorance is a condition that can be

altered or changed simply by educating ones self to information that is available. On the other hand, it appears that stupidity is a permanent condition or state of mind that rejects any attempt to be educated!

In the2008 election far too many of our citizens were ignorant about the background of the Democrat candidate and it would appear they made no effort to educate them selves as to who he was and

what his goals were. His stated mantra was “Hope and change.” This seemed to intoxicate the uninformed or ignorant masses and they were off and running, ignoring the information about the candidate that

was readily available.

It appears that hope and change meant that it was his hope that he and his minions could change our beloved constitutional republic into something of their choosing. That should send a chill through any and all people who have an ounce of patriotic

blood in their veins.

Should he be reelected, he will achieve his stated goal of fundamentally changing our nation into something that sickens

me to the core! If he is reelected we will not have ignorance to blame. Stupidity will have taken center stage!

Denver A McMullen