Sending Dad To Heaven

Editor, News-Register:

On Friday, Nov. 18 at 9:40 p.m., my dad went to heaven. His sons and daughters helped him get there, all farmers (some are still, others are not). I’m so proud of my brothers and sisters with my dad, spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week dedicated to washing, feeding, caring, laughing and crying; moments that we will never forget. All sleeping in a living room on floors, chairs and a couch. We were well fed but not well rested, and no complaints were made.

My dad died at home where he wanted to be, with my brothers and sisters. A beautiful memory, something my dad would be very proud of.

A special thanks is noted; whether you sent flowers and food, hugs and prayers, you will not be forgotten. To Altmeyer for being there for us, beginning to end. Their kindness and understanding for orchestrating us through a celebration that we do not deal with every day. To Valley Hospice, for guiding us in the right direction. Their faith in our care for dad was comforting.


Marie Minch Assaro

and the Minch family