Stand together to end politicians’ games in Washington

For all those who, once again, watched the circus which took place recently in Washington from what loosely masquerades as out government.

Members of the Democratic Party will now be able to proclaim a victory by maintaining they extended the payroll tax cut for Middle-class workers. Have they really?

Republicans may actually have been victorious by coming even closer to their goal of eliminating Social Security. For years, Republicans have tried to privatize the Social Security system. Now, with less money going into Social Security the earlier it will become insolvent. Then Wall Street can install a private system. Otherwise, dramatic reductions in Social Security will be necessary; therefore making a private system more inviting. If there were anything to be thankful for, it would be that this extension is only for two months.

We heard President Obama and the Democratic leaders proclaim the average worker would see $1,000 a year – or and additional $40 – in their bi-weekly paychecks. That only holds true if you earn $50,000 a year. The reason for this figure is that all workers, those who earn up to $106,800 dollars a year and those who earn minimum wage – $14,500 dollars a year – are all in the mix when calculating averages.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics uses median incomes to calculate their figures, because according to most statisticians, these figures are more representative of the true factors. When looking at median income figures, half of incomes are above that figure, and half are below that figure. By looking to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statics, West Virginia’s median income is $13.19 an hour – $23,380 dollars a year – which is much less than the $50,000 dollars a year promoted by the President and the Democrats. Likewise, in Ohio the median income according to the Bureau of Labor Statics is $15.45 an hour – $30,900 dollars a year – also much less than what our leaders claim.

In 2012, voters must stand against our current crop of government representatives! Stand with our neighbors and elect representatives who will discard the old Reagan-era policies regarding free trade and began to rebuild our middle class.

Henry Ford understood it took a viable middle-class work force, not just to buy his autos but also to sustain a strong and free nation. Today, our elected officials worry more about Wall Street, investment bankers, international financiers and anyone else who donates to their campaign funds than this country and our people.

Occupy Wall Street has sparked a movement which has spread throughout the country, now it is time to expand the power of this movement.

Wall Street gurus, investment bankers and international financiers may have the money to advertise for the powers to be, but we have the final vote. We must stick together and promote our choices through social media and letters like this.

Nevertheless, most importantly, you register and vote.

Carl E. Mulley