Take an active role in government

Wheeling Mayor Andy McKenzie has fired the first shot across the bow of the USS Democracy – now docked at the Heritage Port and quickly taking on untreated Ohio River water.

In reference to customers protesting the proposed water rate increase, McKenzie believes that residents who protested the increase should be penalized with an extra increase in their water bills.

Mr. Mayor, this is democracy in action! If we all stood by like lambs to a slaughter we would all be drinking overpriced British tea today.

It is unfortunate that only 30 Wheeling residents sent letters to protest the water rate hike. My guess is that most people do not wish to pay more for their water, but simply have become disengaged from their government. If we do not play an active roll – all of us – in our government, then we will suffer the consequences of what those in power wish to impose upon us.

Richard Armstrong