Wilson-Pelosi Failures

I just had to laugh when I heard Ohio’s former District 6 Congressman Charlie Wilson wants a rematch. He wants to run on being in his district more instead of spending so much time in Washington and ignoring us as he did last time.

On the same day Wilson announced his plans for a rematch, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she too wants a rematch to “recapture the House Majority.”

Do you suppose Pelosi wants Wilson back in D.C. so they can continue the multi-generational tax and spending frenzy they enjoyed last time around? You bet, because if she gets people like Wilson re-elected she gets to be speaker again.

Wilson was tossed out on his ear for not listening to his constituents and spending to much money while giving his ear to San Francisco ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi. And did I mention his vote for the very unpopular trillion-dollar Obamacare nightmare that cut $500 billion from Medicare?

Wilson played the “jobs” card with his announcement but the only “jobs” Pelosi and Wilson want are the jobs they had when they created our massive generational debt. Nothing is coincidental in politics and Pelosi-Wilson working together again is no accident. Looks like Pelosi still has Wilson’s ear. The last time around they spent us so far into debt my grandchildren cringed. Wilson-Pelosi together again, please!

Bob Connors