All Americans Should Have Health Insurance

Editor, News-Register:

I, like all other doctors in the valley, have increasing numbers of patients who are uninsured. For the richest nation on earth, this is clearly unacceptable. For example, last weekend, I had a patient who required transfer to a higher level of care who was working two shifts (16 hours a day) and yet had no insurance. At the end of this, she is going to be burdened with a huge bill. This problem was added, obviously, to her medical issues.

What is more unacceptable is that we have spent, in excess, of $11 billion in Afghanistan and the bill continues to rise. This should be money spent on American citizens.

I urge readers to write to their representatives and senators expressing indignation that our taxes are subsidizing foreign economies while Americans go without insurance.

Russell Lee-Wood, M.D.

(U.S. Army Reserves)