Dismissal of Lucidi by St. C council a mistake

I was shocked to see Jill Lucidi had been removed from her post as the Finance Administrator for the city of St. Clairsville by vote of council. These council members must be very unaware of who Jill is and the job she has done over the past many years she has worked at her job.

I was employed by St. Clairsville for over 14 years. Not once in my experience was payroll late, including when Jill had major surgery or when her mother passed away. She was faithful to pay bills in a timely manner. Of the many vendors we had in the department where I worked, our reputation for paying what was owed was excellent. If an invoice had been properly authorized by the department head, Jill paid the bills immediately.

I would encourage any of these council people to call those who were owed money by St. Clairsville and ask how St. C. compared to some other area towns who hold up payment as long as possible, often going months without paying.

The auditors for the state of Ohio went through the books for months at a time during their frequent audits and always gave Jill excellent marks for her fine work.

This is a real loss for the City of St. Clairsville.

Sue Bell